Project 4 Final

Below is my final process book.


After choosing an event, creating a font from scratch and applying a logo to marketing materials, I’m extremely pleased with the final product.


This project was cool because it was allowed me to do something I had never done before (create a font) and gain more skills on the computer. I feel like this project allowed me to familiarize myself more with illustrator which is making be a better designer. I also liked this project because this is something I could see myself doing more of in the future as a career. It’s fun when school projects merge with real life experiences.


One thing I went back and fourth on for this project was adding the date to the logo and/or to the marketing materials. I decided not to because from an events point of view, if you don’t sell out of everything one year, you can resell it the next year. I don’t know if having a year on something would push people into buying it. I know it wouldn’t for me which is why I decided to leave it off.


This was my favorite project of the semester because it allowed me to think of type in new ways and also allowed me to have complete design control.




Project 4 Post Critique

Today was the critique and overall I got a lot of positive feedback. One thing that Professor Fender brought up which was something I hadn’t really said before but he got was that because my event (Christmas Traditions) is a small town old time event, the font looks like it was hand lettered like it would have been back then. Not all the letters are perfect which is another characteristic of what a type would have looked like back then.


The main thing people commented on was just making sure the letters were able to be read when they had the candy cane pattern on them. Another thing Professor Fender commented on was the shirt. He explained that it really didn’t look like a staff shirt with just the front having the type on it so I decided to add the word “STAFF” on the back to make that more clear. I think doing so made the shirt make a lot more sense. Now I just have to finish the booklet and I should be finished.

Project 4:Update 2

After having a small talk with Professor Fender and tweaking my designs over the weekend, I feel like I am ready for the critique on Thursday. I’ve made a few variations of the logo type and finished making the letters I was missing and finished making the tagline in my new font and I really like it. I had to correct the leading and kearning a bit but it looks really good now.

I had some trouble with how the candy cane like letters were showing up on a few of my mockups but after changing some background colors I figured it out. I chose to use an ornament, t shirt and shopping bag for my mockups because those are three things I think people would buy/use while at this event. And the shape of all three of them lend themselves nicely to my design. Take a look:

Project 4 Update

After sketching out my ideas, I transferred them into Illustrator.  I took a picture of them and then traced each section of the letter form therefore I could cut and paste each part to make all of the letters. After tracing the three options, I decided on the all caps font because it’s most Christmas like to me and I think it could be really neat if it was the color of candy canes.

Project 4 Intro

For project 4, we are creating our own typeface for an event that already exists. The event can be related to anything we want but must be narrow enough to only need one type face. We were also advised to only choose a title with 8-13 characters so we don’t overwhelm ourselves.


I chose to focus on Christmas Traditions which is a month long Christmas program that is put on in the Historic Street of Saint Charles in Saint Charles, Missouri ( . They have actors and actresses dress up as famous characters (several Santas, Jack Frost, Sugar Plum Fairy, etc.) and walk around and interact with the people on the streets. The Historic Street of Saint Charles are known for being a small street with old time shops and restaurants. It’s the touristy thing to do in town.


Because this event is catered about the Christmas time, I wanted to create a font that expresses that hometown holiday feeling. I’m excited to get started.



Project 3: Final

We talked about the size of the project. It was a balance trying to find a size that worked with the information in the manifesto and with the materials I had access to. I ended up choosing to make my project 5×6.5 inches which allowed me to make the type 10pt in Futura. I felt like this was the best use of space.

For the technical part of this project, I learned about book cloth and how to use it. I also feel like I have a better understanding of physically putting a project together.

Throughout the weeks spent on this project, I learned what it means to let the type guide the design and not to design something and then put the type in it. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I could visually see examples of it and the explanation behind it.

I think that the size is perfect and I also think the mixture of use of the Bauhaus and Futura fonts play nicely together. It feels like Bauhaus but brought into a little more of a modern time with the use of Futura.

Adding the red color to the overall layout of the book really tied it all together. I thought about adding yellow and blue too but felt that would be too much visually.

Overall, I really like how this project turned out and I’m excited to add it to my portfolio.